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Our Parish Priest is Revd. Mark Fraser, he may be contacted by calling the Church Office on 0115 9234695 and leaving a message, or directly by calling St.Lukes Church Office on 0115 9745024.


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Advent 1 -2nd December 2018

Today is the first Sunday of Advent we light a candle to remember the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Esther, Hannah and others who are the ancestors of the faith.

Blessed are you, sovereign Lord, God of our ancestors; to you be praise and glory for ever.

You called the patriarchs to live by the light of faith and to journey in the hope of your promised fulfilment.

May we be obedient to your call and ready and watchful to receive your Christ, a lamp to our feet and a light to our path; for you are our light and our salvation.